A Great List Of Argumentative Essay Topics Related To Recent Events

Whenever you are asked to write an argumentative essay, the teacher is testing your ability to identify and support an idea or subject using the strongest point. The best ideas for argumentative writing are the controversial ones. Such topics are easy to debate since they attract the attention of readers and elicit varied emotions. Here are some of the fresh topics to consider.

  • Elections are determined by the media and not the people
  • Poverty can be eradicated if resources are shared equitably
  • Religion has caused more wars than any other issue
  • The decision to perform abortion or not should remain with the woman
  • Governments should regulate all religious beliefs and practices
  • Nations that were colonized should be compensated by the colonizers
  • The world should open borders to facilitate free movement of human capital
  • Black Americans are well represented in the history of the Oscars
  • Technology in health care should be freely shared to save lives
  • Foreign aid makes developing countries more dependent on the countries offering help
  • Global warming is a hoax and cannot be reversed
  • Technology that is disruptive like Uber should be restricted
  • The world pays more attention to luxury than humanitarian needs
  • Fitness does not guarantee long and healthy life

A good topic will boost your chances of getting a good grade. It captures the attention of your readers and generates necessary interest around the subject being discussed. To make it more appealing, ensure that it is specific. This means that it addresses a particular issue with no chances of ambiguity.

To produce a good essay, ensure that your points are well organized. During brain storming, identify the strongest points to support your argument. Use these points at the beginning of your body. Further, ensure that a strong and compelling point appears at the end. It helps to create a lasting impression and finally compel the reader to buy your argument.

Consider using examples to assist you in crafting a strong paper. Since the example you use will have an impact on the quality of the resulting paper, it is advisable that you get the examples from reliable sources these sources include asking your teacher, from the library, online writing agencies and from colleagues. In case you get stuck while writing your argumentative essay, consult. This will save you the time and resources wasted doing the wrong thing. Your teacher is always available and willing to provide assistance.

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