Seven Pieces Of Advice On How To Create An Essay About Bullying

Bullying, a distasteful act of violence among children, it is our task as adults and mature people to alert others about this plague and let them know that this is no joking matter and that this is not Childs play. So today I will be sharing my seven pieces of advice on creating an essay about bullying.

  • Advice 1: Let the audience know what’s going on
  • First off we need to let them know what bullying is. Some will say that it is just harmless play between kids, but it is not, bullying can be classified into multiple types. There is cyber bullying, physical bullying, emotional bullying, etc. None of it are good nor is it a joke.

  • Advice 2: Tell them how the victim feels
  • Your next move is to let the audience know how the victim feels. The target audience needs to understand the damage it will do to the victim, not only physical but emotional and mental damage as well.

  • Advice 3: Appeal to their caring nature
  • Now once the audience can see your point, it’s time to tug on their emotional caring nature. Give them a scenario to imagine that if they were the parents of the victim, how would they feel if they saw their child being bullied by someone else? How would they react when they see that their child is “breaking” due to the bullies they suffer?

  • Advice 4: Discuss how it affects the mental health of the victim
  • It is time to go in deep and tell them how it affects the mental health of the victim. Bullying will cause several and severe issues to the mental aspect of the child; there have been studies conducted that a child suffering from bullying may develop suicidal thoughts and even become an anti-social person when they grow up.

  • Advice 5: Reveal the long term damage
  • Once you established the damaging effects, mentally go on and explain how the long term damage may change a normally happy child to a possibly violent adult. It is best to get everything out there to make sure the messages get across.

  • Advice 6: Show them that there is no winner in this
  • Then explain that in bullying there are no winners, everyone loses and here’s why. If the victim does not say anything the bullying will go on and he will only traumatize himself further. If the bully does get caught, he may receive a far stricter punishment, but that won’t stop him. The only way to stop bullying is to don’t start.

  • Advice 7: Suggest ways to prevent bullying
  • And with that we come to the last piece of advice, it is now your task to suggest ways to prevent bullying. You can suggest giving maybe seminars or talks on why bullying is bad or even have a weekly interview of students who are suspected bullies or victims; the sky is the limit.

This advice should get your creative juices flowing. Bullying is not a joke and needs to be treated immediately, and maybe your paper can have the biggest impact on stopping bullying in the long run. So don’t hold anything back and go for it.

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