List Of Good 6th Grade Descriptive Essay Topics About Taj Mahal

A descriptive essay is the type of paper which requires the students to write the how, what, when, where, who etc. of the topic. This paper aims to provide a detailed description of the topic using the five basic senses of touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight of the reader. When the writer uses his senses to write the paper, the reader can relate to it and feel what the writer was feeling. Such type of paper can be of four different types like expository, narrative, argumentative and descriptive. It is completely normal to use to the first person while writing your descriptive assignment because you are to describe the subject using your personal experience

Usually the common subjects for descriptive papers are physical locations, personalities, dreams, objects and events. If your teacher requires you to write a descriptive essay about Taj Mahal, you need to write an experience where you visited the building and how it felt. You might not be aware of the building so you will have to perform research and find out what is it and where is it located. You can read other essays by experts on the same subject to see how to move forward with your paper. You can search for images of the place to see how it looks like in real. Find travel blogs and read what one should do when he is visiting the place.

If you are not sure how to start your paper or choose an effective topic for your paper on Taj Mahal, you should get some help. The topic of your paper will decide the scope for the rest of your paper so you need to give it time and make sure you write it properly. To be able to choose an interesting topic for your descriptive essay, consider the following suggestions

Topics to write a descriptive essay about Taj Mahal in 6th grade

  1. Why Shahjahan did make Taj Mahal for his wife?
  2. How is Taj Mahal a symbol of love if the King had married many queens
  3. The labors who built the building received a severe punishment instead of reward, why is it so
  4. Agrah welcomes a huge number of tourists every year due to Taj Mahal
  5. A night spent at the Taj Mahal
  6. The white building of Taj Mahal in Delhi, India

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