Composing A Solid Rhetorical Analysis Essay On I Have A Dream

Composing a rhetorical analysis essay is not such a hard job, especially if you got some imagination and you can express yourself in a certain way, while at the same time you have to be able to analyze things properly, to be able to "dissect" a text of non-fiction and see how everything connects. This is not something hard, but it does require your full attention, you won't be able to do it without it, if you get distracted easily, find a way to keep yourself on this track, because it's going to be hard to work if you don't concentrate. Here are a few things you can to speed things up.

  1. The speech. First of all listen to the speech. This is the first and most important part since the whole essay is about it. It's a famous one, but if you don't already know it and even if you do know it, listen to it again. Try to understand what it says, every concept, every idea, and grasp the whole picture with your mind. Before you can try to analyze things partially you have understand the whole properly. So make sure that you do this before anything else, you have to understand it well enough to explain it simply.

  2. Dissect. Try to take every part of it (you can view it from a social, instinctual, psychological point of view, whatever you like) and try to understand why it has such an impact on people. For example, if, in a speech of mine I give an example about a sister that is getting hurt, or a parent, a lot of people, who have the same individuals in their life will be able to relate to what I just said, even if my idea might not be that good, but the example that illustrated it was liked by them. So make sure that you try to see how everything connects.

  3. Purpose. Ok you see now that everything connects and creates that one big picture. You even explained how it creates it and why it works so well. Now why? What is the porpose for this? Why is this as it is? Why did Martin Luther write this speech, what impact it had on the community etc. These are all things you should try to take into consideration.

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