The Top 10 Best Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Look Into

Argumentative essays are among the easiest essays to write. Most of the time they are written about topics that force you choose sides and try to plead your case. The best thing to do is to look into an argument then research the topic and find all opposing arguments. Decide which one has the best arguments and choose to do the essay on that. Look for a side that can provide four or five points to convince a person to choose that side. I am going to list 10 of the top argumentative essay topics that I think you should look into.

  1. Teachers should be able to carry guns.
  2. Partial birth abortions should be considered murder.
  3. Bullies should be deemed legally responsible for what they do no matter how old they are.
  4. The sale of violent video games should be banned.
  5. Skipping meals is worse than eating junk food.
  6. Smokers should be allowed to smoke in restaurants.
  7. Alcohol advertising should be banned on television.
  8. Newspapers won’t be around for long.
  9. All parents should attend parenting classes.
  10. Smoking should be banned in cars when children are present.

All of these topics should have plenty of research available. You should find information for both sides of the argument from the top topic you choose. Once you have looked into all of the information, choose the side of the argument that has the best supporting evidence. It may not be the side you believe is the right side but for the sake of the essay, it has the best supporting evidence. You may find that, after the research, your mind may have changed also.

Now that you have chosen a topic and which side you are on, you can create your introduction. This should include your thesis. It also should include some interesting information to make your reader want to continue reading. Most people call this a hook because you are trying to grab your audience’s attention. After that you need to create the body of the essay. Have a paragraph for each point you are using to support your argument. Usually it is good to have at least 4 points to support your belief. Once you have done that, you are ready for your conclusion. In the conclusion, you need to restate your argument. In addition, you should add why you think this is important and leave your reader with a call to action. Try to get the readers to react and do something after reading your argumentative essay.

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