North Korea

In the 21st century, many countries have embraced the idea of respecting the human rights. Legally, people should be prosecuted on the basis of violation of the rights. Therefore, many people have had the right to education, health services, job opportunities, and communication among others. It is, however, unfortunate that there are some countries that are still violating these rights. Particularly, North Korea has been making headlines on how inhumane treatment of citizens. Some people have indicated that the abuse committed by the leaders can only be compared to the brutality of the Nazi era. Accordingly, it is important for the international community to intervene to avert the human crisis in North Korea.

Only the International Community Can Help

The leadership in North Korea has taken advantage of the fact that the citizens are taught to glorify them at an early age. Children believe that only some leaders ought to be in power and that they must be shown respect- even when the leaders are wrong. In day care centers, it is not uncommon to hear the children praising their leaders. The people are also told the good things about their leaders to the extent that they feel obligated to be loyal to them. Those who do not show loyalty may be imprisoned or punished. In this regard, since the Korean people may be too weak and brainwashed to protest, the international community can demand for a change of policy by the leaders.

The Human Rights Violation Is Obvious

It is no secret that the North Korean people are suffering, which should be of concern to the international community. Journalists and activists who have visited labor camps have submitted reports to the international community of how inhumane people are being treated in the country. The political prisoners are beaten and tortured using electric shocks. Food is also rationed for them and yet, they are forced to work for a long time. Further, the prisons are over-crowded. It is sad that some prisoners have died out of the torture they have had to go through.

Even worse, the families of the bereaved do not receive any form of compensation. The people cannot express their concerns or even demand for better treatment because there is no freedom of expression. In fact, people have to watch specific channels and avoid writing or signing certain songs. Clearly, to find the solution to the human rights violation in North Korea, the international community must be involved.

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