Creating An Essay On Nuclear Fusion: 6 Points To Consider

Nuclear fusion is presently used as a method of extracting the huge stores of energy contained in an atom. This process produces many harmful substances and the risk of an accident resulting in an explosion is also a very discouraging aspect of this process. Nuclear fusion seems like a much safer, cleaner process and for years scientists have been wrestling with making this process a reality. Here are 6 points to consider when writing an essay on nuclear fusion:

  1. Why it is needed
  2. We live in a world where the demands on the energy supply increase exponentially as time goes by. Most methods of power production depend on fossil fuel or nuclear fission to generate electricity and both of these methods are extremely harmful to the environment. For this reason, many people are demanding a cleaner, more efficient form of energy production.

  3. The benefits of this method
  4. As a substitute for existing methods, fusion has many advantages, the most important may be its lack of radioactive waste products. The second advantage is its high energy output from extremely small quantities of readily available materials.

  5. The costs
  6. Expenses are an important aspect to consider when planning for any energy extraction exploit. Setup costs are undeniably high for this venture and are one of the factors slowing down the development of this power source.

  7. The obstacles
  8. The process of nuclear fusion is still in the development stages and like most scientific endeavors before it, there are many technical problems that scientists can find no solutions for. For instance, scientists find that they use more energy to contain the reaction than they need to actually start it.

  9. The successes
  10. There are officially documented experiments in which nuclear fusion was achieved in the lab. A team of scientists succeeded in converting a small mass of hydrogen into helium producing a surplus of energy. These are promising results and if they are eventually successful, it could mean a big change for humans and all other life on earth.

  11. The future
  12. Discuss the possible future for this technology, and outline the factors that are likely to be responsible its development. Many people believe that this technology will never become practical for large scale use and so the development of other power sources gets more funding. Discuss possible ways scientists may be able to persuade governments to support this endeavor to develop nuclear fusion as a viable power source.

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