Free Guide To Composing A World History Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay in world history is a project in which you need to reach one of the five main pragmatic goals. The goal you set for yourself will determine a lot in your project.

Goals You Pursue with Your Essay

  1. You compare a history object A to another history object B (possibly, to more different objects) and persuade your readers that A is better than B. It’s a good solution for a world history project in which you compare two situations with a strong influence on the entire world.
  2. You try to show your readers two objects, which seem to be quite different, but are very similar in reality. Your goal is to persuade that there is no difference between object A and object B.
  3. You try to show that object A and object Bare completely different, while seem to be similar. Your goal is to make your readers separate two events or motives in the world history.
  4. You try to figure out a true nature of a certain object (a historical event or a situation) by comparing and contrasting it to others. The goal of such a project is deep analysis.
  5. You try to figure out the nature of something that your readers wouldn’t know by comparing it to something they know. It’s a great choice for profound research about underexplored things.

How to Build the Compare and Contrast Part of Your Essay

There are three main ways to compare and contrast objects within your world history research.

  • You choose a range of characteristic features from each of the compared objects and then consequentially show that feature 1 can be found in both objects A and B, etc. Once you have proved that the compared objects have a range of similar features, you can come to a conclusion that the compared objects are similar.
  • You choose several characteristic features from each of the compared objects and then describe them in turn: object A has features 1, 2, 3, etc.; object B has features 1, 2, 3, etc. If they match each other, you have proved that the compared objects are similar.
  • If your goal is to show that the objects are different, use the same schemes but in the following way: object A has feature 1 while object B has none, etc. It helps you show that compared to object A, object B has no matching features or has opposite ones. It allows you to make a statement that these objects are different.

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