How To Create A Brilliant One-Page Essay On Global Warming

The green house effect and global warming are the most concerning consequences of current pollution. At this rate, the weather conditions may change in a few decades. There is evidence throughout the globe which supports the idea that weather has changed drastically in some regions within the past few years. There is a lot of disagreement about this issue but one thing is clear to everybody: something is going on slowly but steadily.

  • Get up-to-date information. There is a lot of information that has to be processed in order to come up with a conclusion. There are several studies and research papers that analyse the recent data. Look for some recent articles to back your essay up and add appealing info.
  • Check some recent papers. Studies that are not recent may suggest wrong ideas. However, in some situations, recent papers verify what people thought that could happen some years ago. As an instance, photographs taken in northern zones a few decades ago show the rate of melting that the permafrost has suffered.
    1. When did global warming start to be a concerning problem? The past century was a turning point for global warming. The rate of technological development is the main cause of this non-stopping issue.
    2. What are we doing to make this happen? What makes global warming a severe problem is that there is no unique cause. There are a lot of irresponsible actions by human beings that lead to environmental damage.
    3. Are there possible solutions to this worldwide issue? Obviously, there are possible solutions to this situation. However, a worldwide effort would be required in order to slow down the pace of global warming effects.
    4. What to expect on this issue in the next years? What to expect is almost a blank canvas. Some nations are very concerned about preserving their national ecosystems but others do not care. As a result, in some places damage is more of a threat that it is in others. This points out that in some countries the global warming effects are negligible.
    5. What are the possible consequences of global warming? The most concerning consequence is the loss of biodiversity. In addition to this, human being may suffer from food shortage if the environmental damage is too high in the future. If this does not stop in time, we may be digging our own grave.

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