Useful Instructions On Writing An Essay About Identity Belonging

Writing essays on any topic should become quite easy once you have reach high school. You will be constantly writing essays once you get to college so it is a good idea to get a process down now so you won’t have problems later. Here are some useful instructions on writing an essay about identity belonging:

  • When you are writing an essay about a book you must use as many direct references from the book to substantiate your thesis statement. This is the only real difference between an essay that you research and an essay about a book. While you reading the book, you can take notes about the important things you come across. The main characters, plot, setting, etc. are important for you to know since you haven’t decided on a topic for your essay yet.
  • Once you have read the book and you have your notes, you should have some idea about what interested you about the book. Something probably interested you more than other things and this is what you should probably concentrate on. The hardest part about writing an essay on a book is deciding on a topic. Think about it while you are reading and you will probably have one present itself.
  • Once you have your topic, it is important that you follow the same process in creating your essay. You need an introduction, body and conclusion in order to create a proper essay.
    • Introduction – This first paragraph must include the thesis statement. It also should give the reader an idea of what the rest of the essay will include. Some also suggest that you include some sort of statement that will make your audience want to keep reading the essay.
    • Body – This consists of a minimum of three paragraphs. Make sure you use references directly from the book to substantiate your thesis statement. You will need at least three examples and have a paragraph for each. Each paragraph will have one example and a couple of sentences explaining how this example substantiates your topic sentence.
    • Conclusion – This last paragraph restates your thesis statement and reviews the examples that convinced your readers about your statement. You should also leave your audience with something to think about.

If you follow the process that you have learned on how to write an essay and have solid examples from the book to substantiate your topic sentence, you will have a great essay to turn into your professor.

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