Which Topic Would Be The Best For An Analytical Essay?

An Analytical Essay is used to analyze or examine something, for example a book, an event or even a scientific issue. Here is a list of great analytical essay topics:

  1. What causes people to become addicted to gambling? Is there a specific reason some people are immune to gambling and others are not?
  2. What are the core requirements for becoming a great tennis player?
  3. What are the requirements to become a published author? Do you need to have a book deal with a major publisher?
  4. What causes an underwater earthquake? Is it related to a tsunami?
  5. What causes so much rain in tropical forests?
  6. Why do tropical forests have such a wide variety of animals and plants? Is it related to the climate or the abundance of water?
  7. What causes hurricanes? How can we prevent major damage resulting from a hurricane?
  8. What techniques are required to become a pro-wrestler? Do you need to have a specialist wrestling coach?
  9. Why do larger sized animals fare better in colder climates? Could the polar bear have survived if it had been of a smaller size?
  10. What skills are required to survive being marooned on an island after a shipwreck? What can be learned from the stories of survivors and fiction?
  11. An analysis of the value of learning Jujitsu, the martial art.
  12. What are the advantages of employing martial arts while training soldiers?
  13. What are the keys to becoming a great skier? Are there ways to always be protected from skiing accidents?
  14. What are the prerequisites to becoming a leading scientist?
  15. What makes a performance car engine different than a normal car engine? Does the difference lie in the size of engine alone?
  16. What are the differences between passenger planes and fighter planes?
  17. What makes bullet trains go so fast?
  18. What is the reason for stopping further missions to the moon?
  19. What are the competencies required to become a great software engineer?
  20. What causes rolling electricity blackouts?
  21. Why do birds make such an effort to make elaborate nests?
  22. What makes a house self-sustaining?
  23. What are the major architectural requirements to make a building earthquake proof?
  24. What causes floods? How can we prevent major disasters due to flooding?
  25. What causes genetic mutations and can they be prevented?

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