Papa's Parrot

Papa’s parrot is a comedy story which features a son, Charley who spends over two weeks without seen his father, Mr. Tillans. Mr. Tillans really missed to see his though he could not. Fortunately, something happened to his son, which forces Charley to pay a visit to his father. Papa’s parrot comedy touches those individuals who do not hang out with their parents.

Symbolism in Papa’s Parrot

This comedy is entirely characterized with mild conflicts. These mild conflicts are portrayed right from the beginning of the comedy to the end. The comedy begins with Mr. Tillan missing to see his son, Charley because the son is not willing to acknowledge that his father takes care of him and is not willing to visit him. When Mr. Tillan fell sick and went to hospital, Charley took over his father shop. While Charley was cleaning the shop, his father’s parrot kept annoying him. However, Charley very well that parrots only copy something spoken by some else and therefore the noise of the parrot never bothered him. Suddenly, the parrot said, “where is Charley, I miss him.” It was at this time that Charley realized he should visit his father frequently. This depicts a real life symbolic in the comedy.

The comedy is considered as a symbolic of real life aspects because, when people grow up and reach the adolescence stage, they forget how their parents feel and care about them and begin to hang out with their peers. When something happens to the parent, it is the time they begin to think on how they can act around them. This is the time when people realize all what the parents did for them. After this realization, people change their entire perspectives and feel sorry for all their actions.

The Objective of the Comedy

The main aim of the comedy, papa’s parrot is to teach people on how to spend quality time with their parents because they will not live with them forever. When Charley realized how he failed to hang out with his father, he felt very sorry and decided to spend more quality time with his dad.

The papa’s parrot proves the importance of hanging out with parents. This does not mean that people should not make friends or have social life with other people. However, young people should not always care about care about their personal feelings but should mind on what their parents feel when they become mean and ignore them.

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