Top 15 Potential Topics For An Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Creating an essay on any topic is something that all students will have to do from time to time. Creating an essay on Romeo and Juliet is something that can be difficult unless you choose a good topic. Because of this, deciding on what you want to write about is the most important part of creating an essay. Here are 15 potential topics for an essay on Romeo and Juliet:

  1. Does the relationship Romeo has with Rosaline change the fact that he is supposed to be so much in love with Juliet?
  2. What role do women play in Romeo and Juliet?
  3. Compare and contrast the characters Romeo and Paris.
  4. Why is Mercutio such a great character even though he wasn’t in the play very long?
  5. What was the role of the Friar Laurence?
  6. Did the feuding between the families really cause the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
  7. What is the important of the Nurse?
  8. Discuss how Romeo and Juliet is a story of revolt against authority.
  9. Do you think the fact that both Romeo and Juliet had dysfunctional families was the real reason for their deaths?
  10. What relationship is there between parents and children?
  11. How does Lord Capulet’s mood swings affect Juliet?
  12. How much is Escalus, the Prince, to blame for what happened in the play?
  13. Why could you consider the finals scene to be triumphant?
  14. What role do dreams play in Romeo and Juliet?
  15. How is light used by the author to describe the main characters?

As with any type of essay you will need to have an introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Introduction – This should include your topic sentence as well as a sentence or two that will try to get the audience to keep reading your essay. It should also give a little summary of what the play was about so your audience can understand your essay a little better.
  • Body – This is usually a few paragraphs long, depending on how many main points you have to help substantiate your topic sentence. You should have one paragraph for each main point.
  • Conclusion – This paragraph rewrites your topic sentence as well as summarizes your main points that help prove your thesis.

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