Creating A Good Introduction For An Essay On Jurisprudence: Helpful Tricks

When writing an essay on jurisprudence one wants to start off with a bang. The introduction is often considered to be the most important part of a well-written assignment. Knowing how to construct a great beginning can really set the tone for the rest of the paper. Here are some helpful tricks to achieving this:

  • Start off with a great hook
  • Nothing sets the tone quite like the opening sentence. Your introduction will be ten times more effect if you can start with a sentence that grips the reader and compels him or her to move forward. There are a lot of really good techniques and choosing the right one comes down to the kind of paper you are writing. An essay on jurisprudence, for instance, can start with a quote, a question, or an anecdote. Whatever you choose make sure it’s something the reader can relate to and something that will make him or her want to keep reading.

  • Provide some background
  • The next few sentences following your opening line should give the reader some sort of background on your topic. Don’t insult the reader by providing too much detail or defining terms he or she is already likely to be familiar with. Give some background that explains why you’ve chosen the topic or why you feel it’s necessary to explore it further. If there is a situation in which some definition is required, do so without getting off track. Keep the reader interested from the start.

  • Zoom in the lens gradually
  • One of the most effect methods of captivating a reader is to take him or her through a journey. This can be done (in a sense) by thinking of your introduction as a sort of microscope with various levels of zoom. For instance, you should start with a broad statement concerning your topic and gradually move towards something more focused, end up at your thesis statement as the most focused point.

  • Write an Excellent Thesis
  • And finally, your introduction should end with a stellar thesis. How do I do this? You ask. The best way to write a good thesis statement is to simply be direct and clear. Don’t confuse the reader with a complex sentence structure. Don’t try to impress your reader by using long words. Keep it simple. State exactly what it is you will be arguing in your paper and revise to ensure there is no more direct way of saying it.

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