A List of Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics about Technology 

If you want to write a brilliant argumentative essay, you should choose a topic idea for your paper properly. It should be interesting, relevant, and frequently discussed. Moreover, it should be controversial enough. Read a lot about the topic of your choice, come up with your own position on the issue, and look for enough evidence to support your point of view. However, you can also get a helper online and askwill you do my homework for me?They will be glad to offer you assistance. Here is a list of great topics for your argumentative essay about technology. Let them inspire your imagination and creativity, and demonstrate your argumentative writing skills in the best light.

  1. It should be forbidden to use cell phones while driving a car.
  2. Texting helps young people do many tasks simultaneously and effectively.
  3. Cell phones make people depend on each other.
  4. Cell phones, email, and chats will never replace face-to-face communication.
  5. Modern technologies make us helpless if any major crises occur.
  6. Creating new families via social media: more and more young people are no longer capable of building new relationships in real life.
  7. Parents should set limits to how long their children should be on the Internet.
  8. Nanotechnology is a highly prospective trend in medical science.
  9. What new policies protecting privacy should be incorporated by social media developers?
  10. Relations between teachers and students on social networking sites: why is it inappropriate to make friends with teachers on the Web?
  11. Technology in education: why should textbooks be replaced by online resources and modern technological innovations?
  12. Cell phones cause (or do not cause) brain cancer.
  13. Wearing microchips with personal data is the best way to protect identity.
  14. Parents should be able to correct undesirable genetics of their unborn children.
  15. Living longer with help of technological innovation: isn’t it better to improve quality of life rather than quantity?
  16. Violent video games teach children and teenagers to behave violently.
  17. Reading on a screen does more harm to our eyes than reading a conventional book.
  18. Listening to audiobooks involves less imagination than reading books.
  19. The next real breakthrough in technology is…
  20. Texting is to blame for poor spelling high rate of grammar mistakes by schoolchildren.
  21. Video games are prospective methods of teaching children in schools.
  22. Traditional books will disappear sooner or later.
  23. Nanotechnology holds great potential for developing new methods of storing information.
  24. The Internet will become obsolete.
  25. 3D printers are not used efficiently nowadays.

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