Choosing Proper Language For A Problem Solution Essay: Expert Advice

As a professional writer of all sorts of different styles - academic, magazine articles, eBooks and other fiction, to name just a few - I know the importance of choosing the correct tone and language for each different genre of writing. Understanding what language to select for a problem solution essay, for example, can be fairly tricky, but there is some key advice that should help anyone come to very safe conclusions.

Ask yourself: would I say this out loud?

Colloquial language (the sort that we speak) and the written word (the sort that we read in books and new articles, for example) are extremely different. If, as you are writing your essay, you come across something that sounds slightly ‘informal’, such as ‘gotcha’, ‘would’ or ‘ain’t’, it doesn’t belong in your academic writing! Problem solution essays need to sound formal and professional. Think of the sort of words and style you would use if you were going to an interview and try to use that.

Read other examples!

It sounds simple enough, but this is probably the best advice that I can give as a professional writer. It really is surprising how much you can learn and understand by reading someone else’s work, even if you are not paying particular attention to the style or tone that they are using. After reading just a few, you’ll just feel your way through your own essay, knowing when something is ‘right’ and something is ‘wrong’. Remember to try and read a couple of examples of problem solution essays and keep in mind key vocabulary and expressions that might come in handy in your own writing. Often, examples can be found easily, and for free, online via Google or other search engines.

Ask for advice

If you are really unsure, and reading other people’s examples isn’t answering the sort of questions you need to be answered, try asking someone who would know! Students often don’t use their tutors as much as they should, but they are exactly the sort of people to go to first in order to understand what sort of language you ought to be using for your work. Since they will be marking the essay, they will know what sort of thing they are expecting and would be impressed by. If, however, they are busy or otherwise unable to help, ask some fellow students for their advice and support.

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