Expository Essay Topics: 15 Ideas You Cannot Miss

An expository essay is the simplest writing assignment that you can receive. In such an essay, you do not need to do any deep research, seek arguments to prove your point of view, etc. What you need to do is describe an object, a phenomenon, a person, whatever. For example, if you are asked to write an expository essay about a writer’s or an artist’s career, you do not need to do anything else apart from collecting enough information about his or her work, not about the ideas these people have ever expressed or omitted, or so.

A good half of success of an essay depends on its topic. If you manage to find a topic that is interesting to you and grabs your attention, your essay will be a success. If you are into choosing your own topic, you have a vast range of opportunities that deserve your attention. You can start with asking your teacher what is expected from you; maybe it will give you a hint of what you should better choose. Then, do some brainstorming, choosing ideas you like most of all. If nothing helps, try searching for good ideas on the Web. Below, you will also find 15 interesting ideas that can be used if you get interested.

  1. Explain the history of your college mascot.

  2. Why does curling deserve as much attention as baseball? (or pick your own favorite kind of sports that is, to your mind, undervalued)

  3. Can junk food ever be harmless?

  4. A piece of advice you can give a person who wants to be a good roommate.

  5. How can students be healthy, eating campus food and sleeping less than they should?

  6. Are there ways to help a person who’s into committing suicide?

  7. Tips on choosing the best college for school graduates.

  8. Has your school changed in any way through all your years of studying?

  9. What should one do to become a member of a fraternity or a sorority?

  10. Tips on winning a scholarship for college studying.

  11. What should one do to fight homesickness during the first time on campus?

  12. Is it normal if freshmen survive a serious stress during the first several months in college?

  13. Are college relationships ever able to be serious?

  14. Is it possible to avoid a heartbreak during a college romance?

  15. What are the requirements to freshmen who want to play in a college football (baseball, soccer, etc.) team?

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