Traditional Khmer Wedding

A typical traditional Khmer wedding encompassed of several ceremonies, a dinner banquet, numerous gifts, lots of music and many visitors and guests. Unlike in other modern wedding occasions, in Khmer weddings guests are discouraged from just being spectators but actively participating in the ceremony. In the occasion, there is an emcee that guides the guests through the entire ceremony and is supposed to encompass some comedy and sense of humour in his or her activities.

Music is played by traditional instruments as opposed to modern weddings where music is played on modern instruments. There are of decorations that are placed in front of the bride and the bridegroom ranging from gold and silver trays strategically placed along with fresh fruits, candles and other decorations. Unlike in other weddings where guests happen to sit in executive and decorated chairs, in traditional Khmer wedding, guests sit on the floor around the couple occupying any space that is available since the occasion is held at the bride’s family residence.

Overview of traditional Khmer wedding

During the ceremonies, the couple is dressed in brightly-coloured silk costumes whereas their groomsmen and bridesmaids are attired in coordinating colours. There is a change in outfits in every ceremony as every ceremony has a different code of attire and colour scheme from the others. The bride gets to change her hairstyle, dress and jewellery depending on the ceremony. Although the attires and colour schemes keep on changing frequently, the colours are maintained gold reflecting royalty between the couple.

Guests, on the other hand, interchangeably participate in wedding, interact among themselves and take breaks to enjoy the food. Each ceremony is about one hour long and in most cases the ceremony spreads out for a period of two to three days. Although in the whole wedding process the couple and the guest spend their time kneeling which is obvious boring, it is also very enjoyable as the couple and the guests get to respect their culture and family at the same time. In modern Khmer weddings, some couples may incorporate the traditional trend of ceremonies put the way they perform them may be somehow different from the traditional Khmer weddings. Since most participants of traditional Khmer weddings are Buddhist, the couples and the guests are blessed by the monks by sprinkling flowered water on them.

Why go for a traditional Khmer wedding?

It is practically impossible for a Khmer man to get a bride without abiding by the traditional rituals and procedures. The ceremonies as stipulated by traditional Khmer wedding are very crucial for the couples as they get to honour their culture and parents and receive blessings at the same time.

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