Gun Control

Gun control measures are required due to the rising numbers of gun accidents. Thousands of people out there encompass guns which are easily mishandled. Others use them for commercial purposes and security. In order to regulate guns, a gun control movement is necessary. The anti-gun lobby, when viewed from the facts relies on emotion rather than logic. Gun control stirs up the emotions of millions and promotes rational thought. The mainstream media gives thousands of individual’s information on gun control. This knowledge is gathered when shoot outs are witnessed in many parts of the world. Therefore, it is important to know the facts that come with gun control.

Gun accidents have taken the lives of a thousand children. While some children die through accidents that involve drowning, space heaters, and bikes, guns have been the leading causes. Everywhere, people are entitled to be safe while travelling. In the present time, going into a shopping mall is risky. Gun shoots take the lives of children who are below the age of 20. Others engage in gun-related violence when they are very young. This has also called for the need to control gun use; otherwise it would lead to numerous problematic issues.

Criminals obtain large numbers of guns through gun shows. Others learn on the use of the guns through these shows. However, some shows explain the entire process of using guns. Gun control is required in order to ban the gun shows as they also incite the public. One person out of the ten who watch the gun shows are likely to become criminals in the future. Additionally, not all people who possess guns have license for them. Huge numbers of the guns are obtained through back doors, putting the life of the citizens at risk. Alternatively, registered citizens should not be allowed to carry guns since the issue would help to reduce crime rates. This is because the rest of the citizens will obtain guns from the registered citizens; hence committing crimes.

Gun control is the most significant way of reducing gun accidents and injuries among children. Not all registered citizens have licensed guns, calling for the need of gun control movements. In order to lower the rates of gun-related deaths, it would be suitable for the government to collect all guns from individuals. The number of crimes will also be reduced when guns are controlled. Gun shows should be banned completely as they tempt the young and the aged in handling them.

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