The Effectiveness of the Capital Punishment: Argumentative Essay Topics To Consider

Some topics are quite more controversial than others; such is the case of discussing the effectiveness of death penalty. There are those who support such measurement and there are a lot of people who are against. Nowadays, both sides can only agree to disagree on this issue. Nations all over the world have divided opinions on death penalty given that only a few condemn people.

  • Can we talk about efficacy? Death penalty is arguably the solution to a problem caused by several reasons. People are not yet able to live in peace; as there are several conflicts all over the world. Needless to say, death penalty is only sentenced for the most serious crimes, such as violent murders. But, does it really carry out justice?
  • Is this moral? Are other people morally endowed with to condemn others? I doubt we could agree that anyone else can decide on our lives but there are some abnormal situations that may arise. However, we may consider other options in order to create a peaceful society.
  • Possible mistakes in the sentence. Every human being makes mistakes throughout his life. This remains certain when concerning death penalty, the judicial system is likely to be mistaken. Even though it is rare, some people must have been condemned unjustifiably.
  • Such mistakes are impossible to correct once the innocent is executed. In some situations, people just need someone to blame. Such behaviour is not responsible and, what’s more, is not impartial most of the time. Violence is never a solution but just another blow to our human spirit.

  • Are there other options? There must be other responses to serious crimes but we still think that and eye for an eye is the rule. Will it be possible to safely reintegrate a criminal to our society in the future? As technology and knowledge progresses, we may be able to come up with more options to get such situations resolved.
  • Beyond death penalty. No matter what we do to a culprit, the past will always remain unchanged. Then, how about trying to think beyond condemning people? Some innocents are executed without a fair trial and others get what nowadays’ judicial system sentences they deserve. But, how will the society from tomorrow judge us? Is our response to violence too savage or is it acceptable?

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