A List Of Great Psychology Topics For Writing A Good Informative Essay

Informative essays serve a single purpose to educate the reader. They expose facts and problems in an organized, clear way. This is a type of academic essay, although, you, as a writer, must consider that your reader is not specialized in psychology and so, the language, the vocabulary used, must be accessible to all types of readership.

Whether your readers are in high school, doing a research paper on your topic or highly specialized colleagues, they should all be able to understand what you expose.

A few topics you might want to consider writing about could be:

  • Demystifying Schizophrenia
  • Present popular myths and facts about Schizophrenia. With myths, set the record straight. There could be countless people benefitting from this information.

  • Bipolar disorder: no, they aren’t just weird
  • Bipolar disorder is very common. Throughout history, plenty of people have suffered from it, and people would just say they were crazy. Do your research, mention famous individuals that have had it and what treatment they could have received at the time to make their lives easier.

  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • There are many misconceptions about this disorder. For example, that it is more common than we think. People even joke about having it. However, few really know what it is and how it can be treated. This is another topic that would greatly require research, and that would inform and help many people cope with and understand multiple personalities.

  • Depression: they aren't just sad all the time and no, they can't just “get over themselves.”
  • Depression is one of the most common psychological afflictions today. Many people suffer from it without even knowing that they are. Others know they are depressed but are waiting for it to “pass” or “go away”. Others yet, want help, seek it with their family members and friends and are told that they are going to be alright as soon as they “get over themselves and get on with their lives”. Still, depression is a very real affliction, and people can die from it as with other sicknesses. Prevention, identification and treatment outlines could save many lives.

  • Uncommon psychological problems
  • Above are very common issues, but there are plenty of uncommon, unknown problems people can have. Making a list of them and their characteristics, symptoms, and treatment can help people understand what they are going through or understand what others are going through.

These are a few ideas on topics that you could use and how to go about them. Truly, these could help save lives and help people out of ignorance. Exposure and information are ignorance’s worst enemies. Take advantage of today's digital media and own it.

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