A List Of Strong Literary Analysis Essay Topics For Macbeth

A literary analysis essay implies selecting a piece of literature and analyzing some of its aspects. Macbeth written by William Shakespeare is a great play that you may write your paper about. However, it’s advisable to choose narrow topics in order to make your essay more interesting to the reader. Below, you may look at the list of good suggestions.

  1. The role of supernatural.
  2. Analyze the significance of the supernatural events in the play. Do they influence the motivation of Macbeth’s actions?

  3. King Duncan.
  4. Analyze the personality of this character and indicate his contribution to the events of the play.

  5. Historical characters.
  6. There are some real life characters in the play. However, Shakespeare altered their personalities. Discuss the reasons for doing this.

  7. Lady Macbeth.
  8. Analyze her personality and determine whether she is more responsible for King Duncan’s death than her husband. Is Lady Macbeth an evil character?

  9. The sleepwalking scene.
  10. Act V provides the reader with one of the most memorable scenes in the play. Analyze it and explain why this scene is so great.

  11. Minor characters.
  12. Analyze the play and discuss the characters that have the minor influence on the events of the story.

  13. The witches and Banquo.
  14. Discuss the scene when witches tell Lord Banquo that he won’t be a king but rather a father of kings. Analyze his reaction to their words.

  15. Macbeth’s mental state.
  16. Does Macbeth maintain strong mental health throughout the play or does his state deteriorate? What causes the changes?

  17. Act V, Scene V.
  18. In this scene, Macbeth gives the speech upon hearing about the death of his wife. Analyze this speech and determine what theme it captures.

  19. The role of blood.
  20. Analyze the significance of blood as a symbol in the play. What does blood mean to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?

You may pick one of these ideas to write your essay or use this list to inspire yourself on coming up with other interesting topics.

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