Finding 6th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

As a student you will have to write many types of assignment which will test not only your writing skills but also your ability to observe and think and translate your thoughts into interesting reading material. Compare and contrast essays are one of the most important writing assignment you would encounter in your 6th grade.

Generally the topics of these writing appear to be similar, yet they have some important differences. Teachers assign these to the students to induce them to critical thinking and analysis which goes beyond mere description and summary. While writing these articles one tends to think deeper and figure out the most important things about two different things.

Your teacher may explain about what is this all about, but to write a good write-up that would impress your instructor, looking at a few examples always help. If you want to find examples of these sorts of write-ups, you find them in the following manner:

Diverse sources to figure out such examples

  1. Internet: This is one source where you can find information for almost everything, including these. Check these sources:

    • Google Books: This tool by Google has thousands of books and you can get books on model writings on compare and contrast type here. The books available are written by reputed authors and academicians, and are therefore, highly dependable.

    • Essay Labs: There are certain website where you can find detailed information for about almost every type of write-ups. Here they show, how to determine whether a writing is a compare and contrast type and how to develop them. You can find well-written examples here, easily.

    • University websites: If you check the internet carefully, you will find the examples of compare and contrast write-ups in several university websites like Harvard University, etc.

    • Free writing resources: There are several free writing resources which allow you to use their work for non-commercial purposes. You can go through the examples presented by them and get a fare idea.

  2. Library: Almost all types of books and materials related to the curriculum are always present in the school and college libraries. You can check your college and department library to getbooks related to compare and contrast writing examples.

  3. Teachers and instructors: Ask your teacher or instructor to hand out examples of compare and contrast types of articles, if you think class lecture is not enough for you to grip the idea and present an articulate work.

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