Sex Education In Public Schools

Sex: it’s often talked about in good terms and bad ones but what is it really? At a young age it can be difficult deciding your opinion and most tend to go along with the opinions pushed onto them by others. These opinions are usually harmful to a young child since they tend to come from an older more experienced individual seeking to fulfill their own desires. This is why sex education in public schools is an important issue, one that should not be taken lightly.

The Child

You have just passed through puberty and your hormones are raging, quite likely, you’re also tired of being treated like a child. At this point you also start receiving more attention of a sexual nature from your peers and are not quite sure how to respond. This is where peer pressure can tip the scale. You may have many friends who have already had a sexual encounter and they may make you feel like you’re missing out, or you may find yourself attracted to someone that wants to take it to the next level. This can be a tricky time for you with your limited experience and knowledge and is often where most make the wrong decision, one that can change their lives forever.

The lesson

Making the decision to tell young people about their privates can be tricky. On one hand, this is information they must posses to help them make good decisions in their young lives, on the other hand, some worry that gaining this knowledge may seem like a free pass to engage in sexual activities. How we address this issue is a major determining factor on the application and effectiveness of this education. Too early and the child may want to experiment what they have learned, too late and they may have already contracted an STD or had a few children.

The school

There can be said to exist two types of school in society, religious and non religious, each possessing its own rules and regulations. Non religious schools pose little issues but the religious ones tend to already have their own beliefs and teachings pertaining to intercourse. This can cause problems since some of the recommendations may contradict those of the religion quite strongly, making these schools less likely to accept sex education into their curriculum.

Sexual education is a very important topic that must be addressed but there are various societal obstacles that stand in the way.

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