Future City

Planning and design is a very important aspect in the architectural world. Many cities today had an original plan. However, not every plan was executed. Owing to that fact, a lot of challenges have come up in existing cities. These have been as a result of increased demographics among other factors.

So what would a future city be like? What would be its objective? Planning is a very important concept that takes into account various factors of growth and anticipated changes to come. The process does not only look at what exists currently, but also issues that contribute to the rate at which developments would occur in a given setting.

The kind of city in future

Some of the challenges faced today in cities are the issue of drainage systems. Therefore, a future city should not carry with it the present troubles and problems. Storm water runoff from rain precipitation and snowmelt occurrences flows over impervious surfaces and land failing to percolate into the ground. For this reason, it is important to create drainage systems that allow water to follow certain channels for disposal at designated areas.

Drainage is just one of the many issues. Congestion and traffic is also a great concern that a future city should seek to solve. A future city should not be the centre for everything. This makes sure that there will be controlled influx of people due to the limited nature of major activities going on there. This way, it will be possible to create a de-congested city that will last for many years with controlled demographics.

Is this an Ideal city?

Well, creating a city in the future cannot get rid of all challenges being faced at present. It is simply coming up with a strategy of establishing a city with the minimum number of challenges and with very effective means of dealing with any kind of challenge that may arise.

A future city is not aimed at creating an ideal scenario free of problems. While that is the reason for its establishment, it may not be practical to provide a perfect city that is well-rounded in terms of providing answers and solutions to current world problems.

Addressing the challenges of this present age in urban developments should be the aim of the future city. Putting together the factors that come into play, designers can be well-advised of what to take into consideration in the final establishment.

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