Custom Writing: How To Know That The Price Is Fair

Custom assignments are comparatively expensive than samples or templates that you buy from a writing agency. A sample will not require any research and is completed even before you ordered it. They do not have to do anything but sell the paper to you that they already have. There is nothing to worry about meeting the requirements or following a tight schedule or even allocating any resource. Custom papers are different because they involve research, critical thinking, constant communication, clear understanding of the requirements, allocating the right person and meeting a certain deadline. There is a clear difference between the efforts involved for writing these assignments. The paper that involves more research and efforts will cost you higher

The question however, is how to know if the price you receive for a custom paper is reasonable or not

The answer is very simple

Many students across the world look for custom written papers for their academic purposes. They hire different sources that match their requirements in order to have a winning paper. You are no different

  • Ask a friend who has already used one of these sources to write his or her academic assignment. They will tell you what it costs and if the experience was worth it. You can even ask them to suggest a reliable source to you for completing your assignment. They may be able to guide you better because they have had one experience
  • Check the average rate in the market for this kind of paper. You can do this by carrying out research and finding out all the possible sources for help. This will include freelance writers, agencies, professional writers and traditional writing agencies. See what each of them will charge to write such a paper. Compare your options depending upon the quality, turnaround time and experience of the writer
  • Take all the price quotes you receive from different sources and divide it on the total number of sources that gave you a price. You will have an average price for your paper
  • Check the current price and compare it with the average to know if it is reasonable
  • One thing you need to remember here that the average must be from similar type of industry. If you are going to use a freelance writer, then you need to check the rates of freelance writers only.

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