5 Main Reasons Why You Should Use Proofread Essay Examples

Finding essay examples to use as a guide or base your own work off can be an excellent strategy to succeeding on a writing assignment and producing the best work possible. Not only can sample papers tell you specifics about how your paper should be written, such as formatting and citations, they can also give you good ideas. However, if you’re going to use example essays, it’s important to find high quality ones that are proofread—here are the 5 main reasons to:

  1. If you want to produce quality work, you need to base it off quality work. If you find an example paper that is poorly written and is full of mistakes, it will set a bad standard for your own writing, and may teach you the wrong things. The purpose of using an example for your own writing is to improve the quality above what it might be on your own.

  2. It’ll tell you about the author. If you find an example essay that is full of mistakes, and is clearly not proofread, it is a good tip off that the author of the example might not be a good a good person to base your own work off. Just because someone posts a sample paper online, doesn’t mean they know anything about the subject, or about writing. And you don’t want to base your paper off one written by someone who was making it up as they went along, or who is a non-native English speaker who may not be a very good writer.

  3. You could get the facts wrong. If the paper isn’t proofread or well written, chances are the research and facts behind it are suspect too.

  4. You could get the wording wrong. If you are looking to write an essay on a specific or technical subject, using an example paper can help you pick up on the correct terms, wording, and language to use. But if you are using a paper that hasn’t been proofread or well written, you could end up using the wrong words and phrasing.

  5. You’ll get better ideas for your own work. Using a well-written and insightful paper as an example for your own can be a great source of ideas. You’re more likely to pick up on new insights and concepts from a high quality sample paper than you are from a poor quality sample paper.

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