Writing Essays About Literature: Vital Things To Remember

This will not be such a hard essay to write. Although it will require a little bit of reading done beforehand. You have to be prepared before you start, so you know all the facts. You can't write about basically anything very good if you don't have any info about that topic. But as long as you do some research before, read the piece of literature you want to write about and some vital things about the author, you will get an excellent essay.

  • The Introduction : Try to be brief when you are writing this, you don't want anything fancy, just a small idea to let the readers know in which way you are heading, how is your essay going to unfold throughout the pages. Indicate some aspects of the book that you are writing about. Short and ample would be the best. Letting people know what to expect, without going into too much detail is an extraordinary introduction.
  • The Paragraphs: You should try to have around six of them, giving each detail that you want to examine more carefully one or two, depending on that particular aspect. Identify them very clearly, be as explicit as possible, so people will understand exactly without you are talking about, the last thing you want is a confused and unsatisfied reader. And when you finish a paragraph, connect it in a smooth way with the next one. The last idea you wrote in paragraph 2, for example, should link to the first idea in the 3 one. This way you will have an excellent transition between them.
  • Quotes. Always give quotes. There is no better way to illustrate your idea about an aspect of the book than to give a quote from that same book. It shows professionalism as well since the reader can clearly see you had done your "homework" before you started working.
  • Style. Keep it formal. Imagine you are in a court, and you are the lawyer defending someone cases. You don't want to start chatting; you have to keep your ideas in order and be very specific.
  • Select carefully. A lot of people end up by retelling the story altogether. That's a big no-no, try to analyze aspects of the story, not rewrite the book again.
  • Conclusion. This is basically a resume of everything that you wrote. Unite all the points you made, and combine them into a single, yet extensive idea. Link everything together beautifully, and you will have an a+ essay.

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