12 Unique Expository Essay Topics On Technology

What is an expository essay?

That is the first question which should come to the mind of the writers. One must be very clear about this basic point. The term “expository” is a synonym for “explanatory”. Thus it should be a paper that should explain the very nature of the topic that you have selected. Expository essays should be jolly and interesting. Added with some flavours of humour in it will give a perfect blend of a wholesome writing. One must selectively choose the topic for an expository piece where they can project their own ideas with some unusual details that can make it interesting for the readers.

Structure of an expository:

  1. A thoughtful introduction will give the reader a glimpse of the central theme of your essay. It is a good process of slowly introducing the whole topic to the reader so that he/she can submerge in it effectively.
  2. Categorically one should divide the body of the essay in 3-4 sections or long paragraphs. These sections should be full of factual details on the topic.
  3. The most important part is the conclusion where the author reflects his/her own idea in a defined way which will ultimately impact the reader and incept new ideas within them.


  1. Interviewing other students and staffs will be beneficial for your project. Using their stories can add flavours to your writing.
  2. Sense of observation should be the main criteria within an author. Without that one can never completely judge the location or the subject on which he/she is working upon. May be you are writing a paper on a hospital. One should never miss the appropriate details like colour of the walls, the smell of the place and its surrounding, the aesthetics. One should sit down and thoroughly observe and record and later project it on their essays.
  3. Without a thorough research on the topic one can never write a factual essay. True facts woo the readers a lot. Detailed research and data will make the reader to rely on your essays. One should never tamper with facts.


  • The introduction of Google Glass and how it can benefit our lives.
  • Nanobots and their usage in the technological world.
  • What is 3D Bioprinter and how it can affect the production of medicines.
  • The mechanism behind Wi-Fi.
  • Space flights and their spurring inventions in our daily life.
  • Explaining the procedure of How to store data using DNA.
  • Technologies used by human to search for extra-terrestrial life.
  • What is Fusion energy?
  • What is an Electronic paper?
  • What is bioengineering and how has it affected us.
  • What is electronic clothing?
  • The evolution of computers.

Keeping in mind all the above necessary facts, one can write expository pieces that can surely enthral the readers.

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