5 Effective Tips That Will Boost Your Essay Writing Skills

Writing an essay does not have to be hard. Once you write just one strong essay, you will realize that you can write another one.

Here are five great tips that will make writing your essay easier on you and that will ensure you hand in a quality project every time.

  1. Allow yourself at least three to five days per page of writing that is due.
  2. This gives you days when the writing will go well and the writing won’t.

  3. Revise Not Just Once But Three Times
  4. It will help give you a stellar paper. All papers need to sit for awhile. Let them sit and take a break from them, before returning to it to revise. It works.

  5. Proofread Three Times and Three Ways—Every Single Time
  6. Proofread once on the computer screen. Then print out the essay and correct answers. Then, reprint and read it aloud. You’ll catch errors you didn’t the first two times!

  7. Make Sure You Have a Strong Thesis Statement
  8. The thesis statement is one of the most necessary parts of your essay. The thesis statement should be located at the end of the introduction. It tells your reader what you are going to accomplish in the paper, such as “In this essay, I am going to discuss small changes we can all make to help prevent the destruction of our environment through global warming.

  9. Make sure the last impression your reader has of you is a good one.
  10. You want your closing paragraph to be both well stated and to make your reader really think more about your topic. One way to do this is through bringing your closing paragraph into the very present moment of the writing of it. See what is going on in the news this week, this month, even that day, of the actually writing and use that fact as a springboard into your conclusion. For example, let’s say I am writing an essay on global warming and what we as humans can do to curb our carbon footprint on the environment. I might find out what is going on in animal extinction predictions if human behavior continues unchanged. I might say, “Yesterday, on the news, scientists stated that if human damages to the environment do not change, polar bears will be extinct by 2030. Surely, this is an incentive for all of us to . . . .

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